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NJY Camps is very proud to offer campers the opportunity to engage in ceramics for the duration of their visit. An art-shop nestled in between acres upon acres of beautiful green landscape quickly transforms into an oasis for creative campers that have an knack for the arts. Campers arrive with varying levels of experience, but ceramic specialists easily tailor to each camper’s specific capabilities. Using only the finest porcelaneous molding clay, campers play the part of professional artists for a few periods of the day.Ceramics

The first day is dedicated to molding wet clay on the pottery wheel. Campers are directed almost entirely by their own senses. Instructors understand the value of allowing campers to do as much of the molding as possible. Through rounds of trial and error, campers gain a sense of responsibility and independence. This newfound freedom and responsibility leads to a sense of ownership and pride. The campers are evidently more invested in their artwork, if they feel it represents a product of their imagination.

Campers spend about two days working with the wet clay, usually creating 2 complementing pieces, such as a mug and saucer or a bowl and plate. On the third day, the clay begins to harden into a “leather-like” stage. The clay can no longer be molded, but campers are still able to smooth, carve, etch, and create additional pieces such as handles to their projects. Campers relish the freedom to further distinguish their own pieces.

After the campers have personalize their art, ceramic specialists load the art into an electric, computerized kiln. In the kiln, the clay is heated to temperatures upwards of 1800 degrees in order to remove any remaining moisture out of the clay. This process hardens the clay so that it is no longer fragile but still delicate. After about a day or two of cooling, campers choose from a selection of different glaze options. Once the art has been covered in the selected glaze, the pieces are reheated to temperatures upwards of 2100 degrees. The second firing is the final step of the process which results in an air and water-tight mold bonded by glaze.

Campers have proudly sent home their projects as presents, brought them back at the end of camp, or kept them at camp to be put on display; but all have benefited from asmall experience that has taught them the value of hard work and dedication going forward!

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Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake Camp, Teen Camp and Round Lake Camp, all located on the NJY Camps' Milford, PA campus are proud to host Total Specialty Camps.

Enrolled campers can add Total Specialty Camps to their experience for a week, a month or the entire summer.

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