Max Seibald – Student Athlete Turned Role Model

LacrosseNJY Camps is beyond pleased to sponsor Total Specialty Camp with Max Seibald every year. As a person, he instills the same values that NJY Camps endorses: modesty, humility, and kindness. As an athlete, he is preeminent, spontaneous, and relentless. His dexterous vivacity has allowed him to excel in every aspect of the sport, in addition to an impressive academic background.


Max SeibaldMax Seibald grew up in Hewlett, New York and similarly went to summer camp growing up as a child. During overnight sleep-away camp, he developed a love for lacrosse and a sense of team camaraderie. He developed both these areas throughout his youth and became one of the most heavily recruited lacrosse players in the country when he graduated high school. He was ultimately able to attend any school in the country with a lacrosse program. After exploring his options, he found that Cornell University was the perfect combination of strong athletics and academics that he sought.


LacrosseHis strong performance as a player on the field, and a leader off the field, earned him the IVY League Rookie of the Year Honor his Freshman Year. The remainder of his collegiate career was similarly capped with much success, which put him once again, in a strong position to continue playing lacrosse at a professional level.

He currently plays for the National Team and the Boston Cannons. His presence as one of the most accomplished lacrosse players of today transcends to the campers he coaches. Campers feel privileged to be coached by such a well-known lacrosse icon, and subsequently bring their best selves to the field.

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Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake Camp, Teen Camp and Round Lake Camp, all located on the NJY Camps' Milford, PA campus are proud to host Total Specialty Camps.

Enrolled campers can add Total Specialty Camps to their experience for a week, a month or the entire summer.

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