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Master the fine points of America’s fastest growing sport by learning from the people who know it best. In partnership with Maccabi Great Britain, a professional youth sports organization serving the Jewish community in England, our Specialty Soccer Camp provides the finest instruction. British and American coaches, experts in this popular international sport, will instruct players in the skills and nuances of play that lead to victory.

14 Soccer Bullet 2a

  • Develop individual skills in all core areas of the sport.
  • Learn tactical plays to be used in game situations.
  • Become adept in offensive and defensive
  • Receive personalized training in goalkeeping.
  • Add TSC Soccer on to your camp experience for a week, two weeks or the entire summer.


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Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake Camp, Teen Camp and Round Lake Camp, all located on the NJY Camps' Milford, PA campus are proud to host Total Specialty Camps.

Enrolled campers can add Total Specialty Camps to their experience for a week, a month or the entire summer.

Or, you can join us for one week of Total Specialty Camps and live in the camp best suited to you.

For more information about the host camps:

Camp Nah-Jee-Wah (entering grades 1-6)

Cedar Lake Camp (entering grades 7-9)

Teen Camp (entering grades 10-11)

Round Lake Camp (Special Needs Inclusion)