What does the daily schedule look like?

Campers enrolled in TSC will start their daily the same as all other campers in their bunk and division: with wake-up, bunk clean-up time and breakfast. Once the program part of the day begins, TSC campers will spend four of their six daily activity periods in their TSC activity area, returning to their bunk for rest hour and lunch in the middle of the day. The remaining two activity periods give TSC campers the choice to either rejoin their division for whatever camp period they are attending or choose a different elective area to participate in, as long as there is space in the program. Check out the Daily Schedule for more information.

How are campers bunked for the summer?

Campers are grouped in bunks by grade and gender. We take a lot of time to bunk our campers with others that we feel they will connect with and make lasting friendships. We ask all families to fill out a camper questionnaire so that we can learn more about their child. You are able to make bunking requests so that your child can be with one or two children from your town, or bunked separately if you prefer. Top or bottom bunks can be requested.

How many people are in each bunk?

Each bunk has ten to sixteen campers with at least three to four counselors. The bunks are equipped with full bathroom facilities including at least 2 showers, sinks and toilets, ample electrical outlets and cubbies for clothing. All campers and staff sleep in solid wooden bunk beds and our counselors sleep among the campers in the cabin. Our housekeeping staff sanitizes the bathrooms daily while the campers and counselors keep the main area of the cabin in order which is maintained through daily cabin inspections.

Where do campers come from?

Our campers come from all over the United States. We have large groups of children from New Jersey, the New York metropolitan area, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida. We also have international campers from Israel, Russia, Spain, Latin America, Canada and other locales.

Are there a lot of choices at mealtimes?

Yes. Besides the kosher hot meal, there is a full salad bar, bread, pasta (white and whole-wheat), and fruit at lunch and dinner. If a camper still can’t find something they like, they can also ask their counselor or division head to find something gin our filly stocked kitchen. Check out the Health & Nutrition section for more information.

Can you accommodate my child’s allergies?

We have a dedicated GIG certified Gluten Free kitchen for campers with a gluten free diet. In addition, we can also accommodate most special dietary needs. For further information, check out the Health & Nutrition section or contact the camp director for specific questions.

Do you have a doctor in camp?

We have a doctor, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and up to eight registered nurses on the grounds at all times. Our infirmary is staffed twenty-four hours per day. Check out the Health & Nutrition section for more information.

Do you provide a suggested packing list for the summer?

Once registered, you gain access to many online forms including the camp packing list. We recommend packing camp gear into soft trunk or duffle bags allowing easy storage. Most sports equipment is provided except for lacrosse, skateboard and roller hockey equipment. Please ensure you clearly label your camper’s clothing and equipment.

What happens when they arrive?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by staff who will confirm the child’s arrival, help them with their bags and take them to their bunk to meet their new friends. From there they will begin program shortly and start having the time of their life!

Where is the Milford campus located?

Our address is 570 Sawkill Road, Milford, PA 18337.

We have 4 camps located at this address: Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake Camp, Round Lake Camp and Teen Camp.

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Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake Camp, Teen Camp and Round Lake Camp, all located on the NJY Camps' Milford, PA campus are proud to host Total Specialty Camps.

Enrolled campers can add Total Specialty Camps to their experience for a week, a month or the entire summer.

For more information about the host camps:

Camp Nah-Jee-Wah (entering grades 1-6)

Cedar Lake Camp (entering grades 7-9)

Teen Camp (entering grades 10-11)

Round Lake Camp (Special Needs Inclusion)